Customer relations
Brega is always working in collaboration with the client to find the best solutions at the lowest cost. Continuous innovations make it possible to simplify the production of components where feasible, resulting in a more competitive product in the market.
Order processing speed
From order to delivery in the shortest possible time thanks to the versatility of our machines and the highly capable personnel who can fully meet any type of urgency. “Done in one” is the new working method we use, where raw material enters the machine and comes out finished in a single operation, regardless of its complexity, with the first pieces ready for the customer in a very short time.
Certified quality
Company certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 ICIM SPA no. 2356/5. In line with our corporate mission, our company considers quality, business continuity, environmental protection, and the health and safety of our personnel as crucial factors in maintaining and developing our ability to meet the needs of both external and internal stakeholders, and consequently, achieving the success of the organization in the market.
50 years of experience
For 50 years, BREGA (founded in 1974 by partners BREssan Franco and GAvasso Armando) has been manufacturing precision mechanics on behalf of third parties. While retaining the spirit of a family-run business, we have also incorporated the management and operational principles typical of a modern and progressive company. Our strength lies in seamlessly combining expertise and professionalism in the fields of design and calculations with the ability to efficiently produce both individual and batch-produced parts.

Our quality

The company’s Quality Policy is centered on achieving customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. To achieve this, the company commits to establishing and maintaining specific objectives that, when combined, should lead to the attainment of the overall quality strategy. In this context, it should be regarded as a fundamental means to drive the company toward improving its performance.