The company’s Quality Policy is focused on achieving customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. To achieve this, the company commits to setting and maintaining specific objectives that, collectively, must lead to the attainment of the overall quality strategy. In this context, it should be considered a fundamental tool for guiding the company toward improving its performance. To make this possible, the quality policy specifically addresses the business aspects necessary to ensure its success, as:

  • Improvement of company processes.
  • Customer satisfaction through the identification of expected needs and the provision of services/products aimed at fulfilling these requirements.
  • Promoting motivation, involvement, awareness of teamwork, and the growth of skills among personnel.
  • Preventing non-conformities through data and experience analysis, promoting internal and external improvement actions in collaboration with customers and suppliers.
  • Daily efforts by all personnel to reduce waste.
  • Management of resources (financial, infrastructural, human, and environmental) to ensure effective and continuous support for innovation, growth, and the success of the company.
  • Ensuring personnel receive appropriate incentives tied to the company’s productivity and profitability.


The “Management” has primary responsibility for achieving these objectives, allocating human resources, specialized skills, technology, and financial resources necessary for the implementation of the Quality Management System.

Management assigns responsibility for Quality System Management, the preparation of the Quality System, and verification of its adequacy to the Quality Management Representative (QMR), who will produce periodic reports on the status of the Quality Management System and the effectiveness of achieving objectives. The effectiveness of the Quality Policy is evaluated by Management based on deviations from set objectives, through the Review of the Quality System, conducted annually using data provided by the heads of company processes.

Following periodic reviews, Management initiates improvement actions for the subsequent period and ensures the ongoing suitability of this policy with strategic objectives.

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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate

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