Products and processes

As of today, Brega is engaged in subcontracting work for products and services in multiple sectors.

  • Made from C45 steel, starting from a rolled bar with a diameter of 65, loaded directly into the Super NTJ Nakamura Tome machine. The program was created using CAD-CAM. Roughing was done with insert mills, finishing with solid carbide mills, and every part was machined in a single operation utilizing the 5 axes of the upper head in synergy with the C-axis spindle.

  • Starting material: Brass casting. Machine: GV-503 Mori Seiki. To hold the piece, we worked with two steel fixtures, connected to a 4th-axis indexer to enable rotation of the assembly, allowing us to machine the piece in its entirety. We used solid carbide end mills and shaped carbide inserts to minimize cycle time and achieve a mirror-like finish in the holes.

  • The Brega Oil Skimmer separator is entirely autonomous and features a custom-made PLC card for straightforward programming:

    1. The customizable-length cord “floats” across the entire tank, allowing for the recovery of oily spots.
    2. It turns on and off automatically.
    3. It has a battery to preserve memory.
    4. Even when manually activated, the oil skimmer still turns off automatically to prevent oil flooding.
    5. It attaches with magnets, making it easy to move from one tank to another.

  • Rolled 39NiCrMo3 steel. Machine: Matsuura H-Plus 500. Program created using CAD-CAM. Worked on all six faces in just two setups, securing the raw material and semi-finished piece on the cube’s clamps and utilizing the machine’s 4th axis to rotate the assembly. Roughed and finished with highly efficient state-of-the-art milling tools.

  • Multi-functional boring tools are the best solution for processing castings or pre-machined parts. They ensure quick and precise machining of internal and external diameters, chamfers, and steps. Each individual cartridge can be manually adjusted using set screws, both for diameter and height. They are used on machining centers or multitasking machines where processing costs can be reduced by up to 90% in terms of time.

  • To date, Brega is engaged in subcontracting work for products and services in the following sectors:

    • Axles for earthmoving machinery
    • Automotive
    • Pump bodies
    • Gears
    • Machining of castings in cast iron and aluminum
    • Machining of stamped steel parts
    • Dental components
    • Machine tool components
    • Hospital and oxyacetylene components
    • Lubrication components
    • Silverware machining
    • Furniture and entertainment components
    • Turning of parts up to 500 mm in diameter.